No Apples!

At first, I thought my bare apple tree was just having a ‘rest year’ which I understand they sometimes do. But then a friend told me what I imagine is a little known fact, that bees don’t fly unless the temperature is at least 54° F (12°C) and of course, they don’t fly in the rain. The cold and wet weather in April meant that the blossom didn’t get pollinated, hence no apples!

It just proves how vitally important bees and other pollinating insects are and how important our gardens are in providing food and shelter for these tireless workers.  However, it doesn’t explain why next door’s tree has apples on it!

1 thought on “No Apples!

  1. I posted about the lack of fruit on all my trees and think you have probably hit on the answer. It seems as always we must blame “the weather”.

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