Bees, Butterflies & Blooms

Just been to see a wild flower meadow created by a group of volunteers on the edge of a local playing field. Partly inspired by the Sarah Raven TV series on BBC 2 earlier this year, the volunteers stripped the turf in April, removed the topsoil and broadcast a wild flower mix. The warm wet weather has helped to produce this lush and colourful meadow which is loved by the locals and respected by the children. The organisers, Charlton Kings in Bloom, are hoping to create similar areas in other parts of the village. I wish them luck.

2 thoughts on “Bees, Butterflies & Blooms

  1. That series by Sarah Raven was inspiring, I wish more people would come on board. There is a beautiful wild flower border in a country park near me, I will see if I can get a photo.

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