Daily Jottings

Labels and marker pens

Struggling to find a “permanent” marker pen which is weatherproof, UV stable and fade resistant for plant labels. Just went to remind myself of a particular variety in the border and, hey presto, it’s disappeared! Rob Cole mentioned that a 2HB pencil is all you need for plastic labels but surely that can’t be right? Will have to try it. But in the meantime, just bought yet another pen to try! Artline Garden Marker, £2.99 with free p&p off Ebay.

The trouble with “permanent” (when I find it) is that I can only use labels twice. But I can get 12 labels out of a 450g yoghurt pot and as we go through at least 3 of these a week that gives me enough labels for the whole year, free!


Just a reminder for self about tomatoes. ‘Red Cherry’ (greenhouse cordon variety) is exceptional with 20 – 24 fruits per truss and superb taste. Stopped at 6 trusses.

‘Tumbling Tom’ is nbg for baskets, can’t keep them sufficiently fed and watered. Too big, only good for very big, tall pots.

Cut Flowers

Bought some new Oasis Florists Scissors in Hobbycraft for £6.49. Shouldn’t have bothered. Too small and won’t go through tough stems. Tried them on bupleurum and struggled.

Cut the first China Asters, Callistephus chinensis, today and they look very promising. Have not been easy in the low temperatures but ok now. Hope they last in the vase better than Dahlias.

2 thoughts on “Daily Jottings

  1. Before I retired I had my own plant nursery and the pen we used for years was a –
    Staedtler pigment liner 03 – this is what it says on the pen. Not exactly sure if they are still around as this is my last one and I retired over 2 years ago, but its waterproof and lightfast and a joy to write with. Some of my labels must be 10 years old and still legible. By the way I am a big yogurt pot recycler as well.

  2. Gosh…you’re a dark horse. You had your own plant nursery! Tell me all about it. Did I miss this on your blog profile or is it just “in the past” now? Thanks for the advice. The Staedtler pigment liner pens are still for sale so I will get one on your recommendation. Thanks!

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