Cut Flowers

Earlier this year we set aside an area in the fruit garden for some cut flowers and I put in 24 Dahlias of unknown type and colour and 24 Chrysanthemums which were cuttings from 6 plants bought from Sarah Raven last year. Cathy has just been in the garden and picked 3 vases full for the house. I am thrilled! It makes everything worthwhile.ImageImageImage

The Gladioli are spectacular and cost me £2.99 for 35 corms. Bargain!

Loads more to cut in the next few months and the sweet peas are still going strong as well.

All is well with the world today.

1 thought on “Cut Flowers

  1. Love the colour combinations in the first picture, these are definitely my colours, orange and red just don’t do it for me somehow.

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