Why Gardening?

It’s probably in the genes! My parents were both pretty good gardeners and I have memories of helping with weeding, digging and being the second pair of hands when Dad needed to push, pull and tweak at the same time. However, it was definitely Dad who mowed the lawns (with a push mower) and kept them green, lush and weed free with Verdone and Sulphate of Ammonia. Passers-by would comment and ask his secret – this pleased him greatly which is a clue. We always joked that my Mum just had to look at a plant and it would grow! Cuttings, seeds and “things in pots” were her speciality although she was always in Dad’s shadow which is another clue.  I suppose that’s it, I must have been a latent gardener all the time just waiting for the opportunity to be let loose on my own patch of earth. Now here we are 45 years and fifteen gardens later doing another one!

July this year and the new borders are filled with colour. The lawn has enjoyed all the rain and the sun is finally shining

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